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Social Media Crisis Planning

I gave this presentation on how to manage complaints and negative comments as part of the SES conference in Singapore earlier this week.

Read more at the We Are Social blog.

Social Brands – The eBook

I’ve written a variety of blog posts and presentations about Social Brands over the past few months, so I thought it would be sensible to bring all that content together in a single eBook.

So here it is: Social Brands: The Future Of Marketing.

The SlideShare deck above offers a handy preview, but you can download the complete eBook here.

Please do let me know what you think once you’ve had a read, and feel free to share the PDF with everyone you think might find it useful.

Social Commerce Drivers

Here’s another provocative chart from eMarketer.

It doesn’t really surprise me that the top two drivers to eCommerce are search and direct navigation, but what’s interesting is that ‘referrals’ aren’t seen as social.

I may be biased in wanting social to play a bigger role in eCommerce conversion, but this just seems like another case of “torture numbers and they’ll tell you anything“.

In my opinion, referrals are always social, regardless of whether they take place on ‘social media.

social referrals to ecommerce

Mobile Sharing

This great chart shows the fascinating contrast in the platforms people use to share content across different mobile devices.

The key question is whether this is reflective of the functionality of those devices, or of the people that use them.

content sharing by social site

From eMarketer

Social Brands & The Future of Marketing

“The best brands don’t just predict the future; they define it on their own terms.”

We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about Social Brands in the We Are Social team, and we’ve been sharing those thoughts through our Social Brands series.

The SlideShare deck above brings all the individual presentations in the series together in one handy place.

The thinking extends well beyond these slides though, and you can find the full story behind each section in the following posts on the We Are Social blog:

Social Brands 1: Social Equity Drives Brand Equity

Social Brands 2: Communities Have More Value Than Platforms

Social Brands 3: From Ads To Added Value

Social Brands 4: Go Mobile Or Stand Still

Social Brands 5: From Big Ideas To Evolving Leitmotifs

Social Brands 6: From Selective Hearing To Active Listening

Social Brands 7: Experiences Are The New Products

Social Brands 8: CSR Evolves To Become Civic Marketing

You can also download the complete presentation deck by clicking here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so feel free to share them in the comments below, or on Twitter via @eskimon.

Introducing #SataySocial

Last month’s #beersphere event in Singapore (organised by the globe-trotting Willem) was a great success, and it was wonderful to meet so many interesting and inspiring people.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I thought we’d try making it a regular event.

However, in typical Singaporean style, it seems sensible to combine the #tweetup concept with another local passion: street food.

So I’m delighted to announce the launch of #SataySocial.

As the name suggests, it’s intended to be a highly social event, s0 it’s open to anyone who’d like to join, but it should be particularly relevant to anyone who’s interested in social and digital media, technology, and strategy.

The first event will be on Thursday November 10th at Lau Pa Sat‘s legendary Satay Street, starting at 7pm.

You’ll find full details of the event at this Facebook page.

I’ll do my best to arrange a table that’s big enough for everyone, so please let me know in advance if you’re coming by clicking the ‘I’m attending‘ button.

And if you’d like to attend future events too, be sure to join the #SataySocial Facebook page.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Photo credit: esimpraim on flickr


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