Linkedin expanding activities

It seems like Linkedin are pretty busy adding new features at the moment.

They updated public profiles a few days back, which has led to a cleaner and more engaging interface:

A quick scan around the site today reveals a few more interesting developments.

One of the simplest additions, but perhaps the most powerful, is the appearance of job postings for relevant positions and companies in your stream / feed:

This seems like an obvious step, but certainly one that will add more value to the service’s 116 million users.

It’s also a natural extension to the recent ‘Apply with Linkedin‘ buttons that the site has rolled out to employers to help make the recruitment process easier for companies and candidates alike:


Although it’s not new, it’s worth highlighting Linkedin Today too, because the feature is suprisingly hidden given its potential value to the network and its users.

Linkedin Today is a feature which delivers useful new content, outside the site’s traditional strength areas of recruitment and networking.

It collates interesting links and articles based on what your network is reading and sharing, as well as pieces Linkedin believes will be relevant to your profession and activities:

Interestingly, the Linkedin Today feature appears to be ‘powered by Twitter’ – a tie-up that makes a lot of sense considering the number of people who use the microblogging service to share links and opinions related to their work:

Linkedin have also completely revamped their mobile app, making the whole experience a lot simpler and cleaner:


These additions all add distinct value to the site’s offering, and it’s clear that Linkedin have invested significant effort into making the overall experience more engaging.

What do you think of these changes? Will they change the way you use it, or the things you use it for?

Critically, will they make you use the site more often?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

1 Response to “Linkedin expanding activities”

  1. 1 Carol L. Weinfeld August 21, 2011 at 15:01

    The interface is better. The “Apply with LinkedIn” button is a good idea; I would use it to apply for jobs, so would be using the site more often indirectly.

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