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From Azerbaijan, With Love

Earlier today, I had one of those magical moments that I refer to when I say “Social Serendipity“:

I’ve never met Orxan before, but when I followed the link through to his blog, I got a wonderful surprise:


It’s a superb translation / recreation of our Global Digital Statistics infographic (you canĀ find the original here).

What’s more, it turns out thisĀ isn’t the only one of our infographics that Orxan has translated either.

But here’s the interesting bit: no-one had asked Orxan to create this translated version. He’d just done it because he cares, and because he sees value in the content for his audiences too.

What made it so magical for me is that Orxan had stayed true to our original style, and kept our We Are Social branding too – to the extent that he’d gone out and found a good match for our proprietary font even for Azerbaijani characters.

That’s pretty impressive.

Social mediaĀ is special like that – it helps us connect with likeminded individuals from all over the world, andĀ share and discuss the things we care about – and go on to share them with others too.

This is why IĀ am such a strong believer in social: together, we can achieve something magical.

So, when I saw hisĀ translated version of that global set of stats, I couldn’t resist creating a special ‘thank you‘ in return. Here’s to social serendipity:

We Are Social - Azerbaijan Stats 2014-09-08

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