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smoke signals

Success isn’t about channelsit’s about connections.

So don’t limit yourself to ‘media’.

Success is much more about where, when, and how to engage.

Thanks to Tiago over at Cultural Fuel for sharing the clip

beck’s paints the town

comunicadores beck's music inspired art

Comunicadores are running a feature on this interesting piece of activity from Beck’s in the UK.

The brand has teamed up with local artists to produce a series of pub facade decorations around the theme of “Music Inspired Art“. The facade in the example above is inspired by The Cure’s “Lovecats”.

This campaign appeals to me for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it creates powerful engagement at the point of consumption – a hugely important objective in beer marketing.

Secondly, it builds the brand’s personality through associations – music and art – that appeal to the brand’s focus audience.

Finally, it provides a valuable service to outlets, by creating attractive exteriors that will attract more visitors, so deepening the brand’s customer relationships too.

A great example of how to make point-of-purchase communications work much harder.

Image borrowed directly from the Comunicadores post, with many thanks

blending the 4Ps

domino's doors c-o springwise

The trendspotters over at Springwise featured this great piece of activity from Domino’s Pizza in the Netherlands, developed by agency Indie Amsterdam.

They’ve placed ‘doors’ in parks and on beaches, highlighting the fact that Domino’s will deliver almost anywhere, provided the location is within the catchment area of one of its stores.

These ‘doors’ serve as actual delivery ‘addresses’, expanding the brand’s sales opportunities, but they obviously double as engaging communications too.

They’re a great example of something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit recently: the convergence of communications and distribution.

In a world where ubiquitous access to brands is becoming increasingly realistic, and where even the boundaries between product offerings and advertising are blurring (Nike’s Run London being a good example of something that fits in both disciplines), the lines of demarcation between the classic 4Ps are blurring.

This is very exciting: for those with creative minds, this evolution into ‘transmedia offerings’ opens up a whole new universe of opportunities.

Expect more on this soon…

Image taken from the Springwise article, with many thanks.

chalk no cheese

nike livestrong it's about you

This effort from Nike, in conjunction with Livestrong, is great.

It builds on the long-standing tradition of writing words of encouragement along the route of the Tour de France, but takes the whole thing to a new level.

The best part is that it’s for a good cause, and that makes me feel good about the Nike brand.

Impressive and inspiring:

Image from the video. With thanks to notcot for the link.

fast cost

Some more powerful messaging that relates the ‘benefit’ (or rather, the consequences of ignoring the message) to the audience:

speeding consequences 1

speeding consequences 2

With thanks to inspire me, now! and Jim Jodie.

projecting your ideas

Simple, but effective.

Similar to the Virgin Trains piece from a while back, but this projector version seems more fun.

Thanks to Adverblog

flash trash


I really like this idea – issuing colourful rubbish bags to brighten up everyday environments.

This specific example may not be appropriate for many brands (it’s always tricky to associate your brand with garbage), but the process of looking at everyday situations and identifying ways to make them better will benefit most brands.

The trick is identifying which everyday mundanities or disappointments your brand can improve.

Image and inspiring article from guerrilla innovation

same same

[image from ibelieveinadv]

while i really like this new campaign from absolut, it seems very similar to the “if smirnoff made…” approach from a few years ago (which in itself seemed dangerously close to carlsberg’s campaign).

and it just doesn’t deliver the same connection as absolut’s previous iconic campaigns.

while clients and agencies get tired of long-running campaigns, everyday people take much longer to reach the same level of fatigue.

the iconic absolut campaign was (and still is) a favourite for consumer tributes.

with the popularity of ugc it feels like there is more differentiation left in the old approach.

from ibelieveinadv

animal instinct


[image from]

giving people a reason to interact with communications makes them much more effective.

it’s a really simple idea, but as you can see in this gallery, it generated a lot of interest amongst passers by.

this is a good example of a communications proposition: communications that offer people something in return for simply paying attention to the advert.

more info here

seeing through a dog

kngf guide dogs poster

[image from]

the image says it all really.

this poster does the job of raising awareness but also of demonstrating a personality for the brand.



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