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slick on both sides

mos def album

PSFK reports that Mos Def has launched his new album as a t-shirt.

At first, this struck me as a pretentious PR act.

But further reflection reveals a mastery of audience insight.

In a world where illegal downloads are commonplace, what alternative channels can commercial artists harness?

The music t-shirt has long been a valuable source of social expression; they’re what Hugh MacLeod might term ‘social objects‘.

So making the t-shirt the core product, and providing access to the music via a link on the hang tag, is a masterstroke of contemporary marketing.

Mos’s approach identifies the expressive benefit of ownership, and amplifies that very same expressive element.


With thanks to PSFK for the info and image, and much kudos to Mos Def


selling invisibility

More fantastic stuff from comunicadores – so simple, but so effective:

do the splits

Pantene split ends

[image from ibelieveinadv]

this connection point is simple but very effective.

the idea could easily extend to various other ‘splits’ too, such as road junctions.

however, the creative in this particular exection fails to make full use of the opportunity.

from ibelieveinadv

seeing through a dog

kngf guide dogs poster

[image from]

the image says it all really.

this poster does the job of raising awareness but also of demonstrating a personality for the brand.


slim not shady

smart slim poster

[image from]

a perfect example of where the message inspires the medium, from smart in switzerland.

it might not be big, but it’s definitely clever.


bright ideas

shady posters

[image from]

some more creative media, this time from ogilvy in china for pond’s.

the inspiration is a simple but perceptive piece of observation: as the copy notes, women in china value a fair complexion, and often shade themselves from the sun to prevent their skin darkening.


healthy ideas

breast cancer awareness campaign

[image from]

this ingenious piece of creative media is part of the academy of medicine of malaysia’s drive to promote breast cancer awareness.

the double cd inlay dramatically illustrates the consequences of failing to catch the signs of the disease in time.

the empty holder simply has the message “detect breast cancer before it strikes.”

the holder with the breast-like cd guide carries the message, “to find out how, insert and play.”

from | spotted at notcot


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