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white wonder

[screenshot from]

this is the latest in a line of addictive, interactive sites from the got milk? campaign.

the games are supported by various recipes for milk-based treats especially for the summer months, each with its own supporting nutrition facts.

if you haven’t already seen it, make sure you pay a visit to the get the glass game too:

[screenshot from get the glass]

it takes a while to load, but is an awe-inspiring piece of web gaming.

the real benefit of this kind of activity is to establish or reinforce a brand’s personality.

it is easy to see how these games might influence younger gamers’ perceptions of milk.

have a go yourself at gotmilk and get the glass | the top one spotted at notcot – one of my favourite websites


don’t topple your tipple

this simple yet addictive game effectively builds coke zero’s brand personality.

the objective is to race elliott sadler’s nascar round the virtual track without spilling the bottle of coke zero on the bonnet.

for those who want more racing-related brand fun, check out intel’s new site too.

have a go at rooftopracer | from adverblog


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