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More Than Creativity, Advertising Is About Business

Dave Trott is a true master of common sense: he has a knack of explaining things you (thought you) already knew, in ways that help you understand them in a totally new light.

I learned so much from this talk he gave a while back at the APG that I feel compelled to share the whole thing here.

It’s an hour or more long, but make time to watch it all – sit down with a drink and give it your full attention.

And take notes – I guarantee you’ll want to refer back to things. I took so many notes, I ran out of space in my notebook.

Take it away Dave.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 8 [there doesn’t appear to be a part 7]

Part 9

Part 10

Thanks very much to Gwen for introducing me to this great talk

always learning, never failing

Learn from your mistakes and you’ll never fail.


smoke signals

Success isn’t about channelsit’s about connections.

So don’t limit yourself to ‘media’.

Success is much more about where, when, and how to engage.

Thanks to Tiago over at Cultural Fuel for sharing the clip

creative learning

An entertaining look at why we need to put more emphasis on creativity in education:

Thanks to newhighscore for sharing the clip, and to phil for bringing it to my attention.

where do you want to go?

logic and imagination

A fine observation from Albert Einstein, courtesy of littlemiss

diversity and creativity

diversity and creativity

Learning and creativity require a common characteristic: the ability to form new connections between things that already exist.

It follows, therefore, that diverse influence can inspire more strategic solutions, as well as more innovative creativity.

I regularly discover exciting ideas as a result of exploring things beyond the conventional boundaries of marketing.

Design blogs are great for quick lateral side-steps – from aggregators like ffffound! and notcot, to more specialised collections like i can read, oneplusinfinity, and it’s nice that.

However, I find that one field provides more stimulus for new ideas than any other: science.

I subscribe to a number of ‘mainstream’ science feeds, notably New Scientist and Wired (it’s not just a tech site!), that keep me up-to-date with important discoveries and quirky research.

However, a recent article in Ogilvy’s Fresh Influence blog drew my attention to a great new resource: Futurity.


Futurity is:

An online news source featuring the latest discoveries in science, engineering, the environment, health, and more…

It’s an amazing collection of research findings from America’s top universities that makes it easier for people to access work that others have already conducted.

In their own words,

In an increasingly complex world, the public needs access to clear, reliable research news. Futurity does the work of gathering that news. Think of it as a snapshot of where the world is today and where it’s headed tomorrow. Discover the future.

In the short time since I subscribed to their feed, I’ve learnt a wealth of new things on subjects as diverse as exoplanets, political cynicism, and how olive oil can be used to combat Alzheimer’s.

I may not find immediate, direct uses for all this new information, but each article sets off a thought process which inevitably helps me re-frame at least one marketing challenge.

Take a look for yourselves, or better yet, subscribe to the RSS feed*.

Where do you get your inspiration? What non-marketing sites do you find most useful? I’d love to hear your suggestions – please share them via the comments section below.

* You’ll need an RSS feed reader to make best use of this resource – check this post for more details on RSS feeds and readers. Thanks to John over at Ogilvy Fresh Influence for introducing me to Futurity. Image of Futurity website is a collage of screenshots.


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