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coke furry animals

More happiness from Coke:

Looks like Coke are planning a big summer.

Thanks to Contagious Mag for the pointer.

can or not?

Coke has just released special summer packaging:


Apart from their aesthetic appeal, the different designs should help drive frequency by creating a collectible ‘set’.

More details are available at TheDieline.

Thanks to notcot for the pointer.

calm it

There are many variations on the ‘Keep calm…’ poster around at the moment, but this one particularly appealed to me:


Via ffffound

live posters

Comunicadores featured this clever use of technology that delivers a more engaging message:


The campaign takes advantage of the largest outdoor digital  screen in Europe to promote the new, faster Virgin Trains service between Liverpool and London.

People from the creative agency keep an eye on the site, and enter real-time message updates based on what is happening and who is passing by:



It’s an effective way to capture the attention of passers by, although the novelty will probably wear off once the idea’s been copied a few times.

Seen at comunicadores – the pictures are theirs too.


When I first watched this, I expected it to be from a bank, or at least a service-oriented brand.

But when I discovered the truth, I was quite surprised.

The personality the commercial portrays is very different to the brand’s historic positioning.

Is this a new direction that will this be echoed in other creative, or is it just a one-off ?

Either way, it will be interesting to see the results.

The YouTube viewing stats aren’t bad though.

from brainstorm#9 | via notcot


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