Today has been one of those days, so this post is a  little break from the norm.

Serendipedia is a game that occurred to me while reading this great article that suggests the internet has been the death of serendipity.

The article raises a number of great points, but even a 10-minute session of Serendipedia should be enough to show that reports of serendipity’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

Beware, though: there’s a real chance that this game will eat up much more of your time than you anticipate.

The concept is very simple: start by clicking this link to load a random Wikipedia article – here’s the article it brought up for me today:

Read through the whole of this random article, and then, once you’ve finished reading it and learning about its subject, return to the beginning of the page and click the very first link within the article’s main text (i.e. ignore any links to disambiguation or Wikipedia style guides – in the above case the link you’d click would be ‘genus‘):

This brings up a whole new Wikipedia article, with a whole new world of serendipitous learning:

Once you’ve finished this second article, go back to its beginning and click the first link within that article’s main body text – in this second example, the link would be ‘biology‘:

From there, simply keep repeating until you run out of time, you fall asleep, or your brain runs out of space.

Welcome back serendipity.

1 Response to “serendipedia”

  1. 1 Will July 27, 2011 at 23:46

    A great game. Nice.

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