the right track

train arriving

Something occurred to me while reading this superb presentation from David Gillespie.

Media platforms are very similar to platforms in train stations.

It’s important to be on the right one, but only insomuch as that helps you get somewhere else.

Sometimes, choosing the wrong platform will take you somewhere a long way away from where you wanted.

But you can easily change the platform without changing the journey or the destination.

And so it is in advertising.

Platforms are just the start.

It’s the journey to the destination that matters.

David’s got a load of other good stuff on his blog – go take a look.


1 Response to “the right track”

  1. 1 David Gillespie October 23, 2009 at 05:28

    Hey Simon,

    Bang on – not that you need me to tell you that. I think people tend to focus on the platform because it offers something tangible to work back from – as opposed to where the real value is which exists in the impossible to describe spaces between people.

    I watch very little TV – the BBC maybe once a day to get some international news as I’m a long way from home – but I caught a great talk a little while ago from a guy called Kevin Slavin who creates software which exists somewhere around social apps; the talk was given at a conference called 5D, and while it seems to have been organised to discuss the future of television, I found what he had to say bang on and rather exciting:

    So, while I’m a bit of a broken record on it, here’s to not thinking about platforms – he’s to thinking about intent! =]

    Cheers mate,


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