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KINDED is a fantastic idea – one of those rare occasions where I want to go out and try a brand just because of its communications.

It’s organised by KIND, a “not-ONLY-for-profit” brand of hand-made, all-natural snacks from Australia.

I’ll refrain from calling this a campaign, because it’s not.

Rather, it’s a wonderful way to bring the brand philosophy to life, giving KIND relevance and making the brand a welcome part of your life.

The underlying concept of this ‘movement’ is ‘ random acts of kindness’, but it adds elements of the game ‘tag‘ and features from this fascinating initiative that tracks the movements of dollar bills in the U.S.

Here’s what the brand has to say about its ‘movement’:

Ever wish you could do an incredible kind act for someone else, but can’t do it alone? The KIND team wants to help make it happen.

KINDED is a movement inspiring unexpected kind acts. These kind acts can be anything from helping someone carry heavy bags, sharing your umbrella, or paying for a stranger’s coffee.

“KINDED cards” serve as licenses to do kind acts for people who might otherwise be wary, making KINDED easy to pass on.

And since each card has a unique code and can be mapped online, you can track how far your chain of KINDING travels and view kind acts happening around the world.

They go on to explain that the KINDED cards make it easier to overcome the social awkwardness that some people associate with helping a random stranger, by acting as an ice-breaker and explanation.


At the time of writing, 719 ‘KINDINGS’ have already been performed.

You don’t need to wait for someone to pass their card to you though – you can apply for one and start a chain of your own simply by popping over to the KINDED website.

So why do I think this is such a great activity?

Firstly, the concept is very simple: it focuses entirely on sharing the brand’s philosophy.

That may seem a narrow objective, but I now know exactly what the brand stands for – what makes it different, and why I should be interested. And that’s enough to make me want to try it.

Secondly, there’s no need for people to buy anything. It sees the world from the audience’s perspective, overcoming the “I know you’re trying to sell me something, so why should I even pay attention?” factor.

But most of all, this activity will bring joy and warmth to people’s lives – it will make people happy.

That’s powerful ‘CSR‘ that will inspire conversations, PR coverage, awareness, and goodwill.

All in all, a highly engaging communications proposition.


Thanks so much to Springwise for the pointer. Images ‘borrowed’ from the KINDED website. And no, as far as I’m aware, I have no connection of any kind to KIND – I just think this is a great way to build a brand.


4 Responses to “one of a kind”

  1. 1 dagood October 8, 2009 at 21:01

    Make Happiness Your Business Model 🙂

    • 2 eskimon October 8, 2009 at 21:06

      Yes – spot on Dan! The presentation you link to is amazing – I saw it a while back, but had forgotten just how good it was. Thanks so much for reminding me!

  2. 3 Jon Chin October 8, 2009 at 21:17

    CSR is very well applied here. I must say I like how this is done. Definitely a conversational starter (read: viral).

    Relays the brand well, creates powerful associations with the brand and… the best part in my opinion they managed to HUMANIZE it – definitely an ingredient that will tickle the consumer’s fancy – humanizing a brand is not an easy task – looks like KINDED might have just done this.

    Good on YA MATE!

  3. 4 matt nelson October 11, 2009 at 10:14

    Just when you think all of the ‘big ideas’ are gone, something like this pops up.

    I think that the friction involved in the process may be too much to reach a critical mass, but the concept is compelling enough to generate a heck of a lot of free PR (ahem..) The result of which will probably lead to a heck of distribution placement in channel…and for Kind’s product, getting on the shelf is all that matters.

    Thanks a lot for pointing this out Simon.

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