blessed be the brand

ATM duilian

PSFK featured this ethnographic gem a couple of weeks back, as captured by Jan Chipchase of Nokia.

The red images either side of this new ATM in Tibet bless all transactions that pass through the machine.

Out of context, this might seem quite insignificant, but by harnessing local culture and traditions, the gesture subtly reassures people that the ATM is safe and reliable.

A simple but effective way to engender trust and reinforce the brand’s image.

This blend of old and new remains a key part of Asian culture, but it’s something that brands around the world could harness.

For example, I could see HSBC using exactly the same approach for its ATMs in the West. Accompanied by a small, factual explanation, the activity would be a great extension of the brand’s ‘local / global’ positioning.

Image borrowed from the original PSFK post.

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