blending the 4Ps

domino's doors c-o springwise

The trendspotters over at Springwise featured this great piece of activity from Domino’s Pizza in the Netherlands, developed by agency Indie Amsterdam.

They’ve placed ‘doors’ in parks and on beaches, highlighting the fact that Domino’s will deliver almost anywhere, provided the location is within the catchment area of one of its stores.

These ‘doors’ serve as actual delivery ‘addresses’, expanding the brand’s sales opportunities, but they obviously double as engaging communications too.

They’re a great example of something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit recently: the convergence of communications and distribution.

In a world where ubiquitous access to brands is becoming increasingly realistic, and where even the boundaries between product offerings and advertising are blurring (Nike’s Run London being a good example of something that fits in both disciplines), the lines of demarcation between the classic 4Ps are blurring.

This is very exciting: for those with creative minds, this evolution into ‘transmedia offerings’ opens up a whole new universe of opportunities.

Expect more on this soon…

Image taken from the Springwise article, with many thanks.

4 Responses to “blending the 4Ps”

    • 2 eskimon September 9, 2009 at 14:01

      Hi Mon! Sorry for the jargon – the ‘4Ps’ are the four pillars of the classic marketing mix: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. I’ve updated the post with a relevant link.

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