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Tiger Woods Tee-Off Banner

I stumbled on this great interactive piece thanks to @eunmac at Amnesia Razorfish.

The experience is similar to the Pringles banner that won awards at Cannes recently: there’s a compelling communications proposition that actively engages the audience and draws them in to an evolving story.

Even better, this campaign offers people a simple, free sample of the new Tiger Woods game, right within the advertising.

However, it was when I came to post about it that I realised there was an opportunity to make this type of campaign even more powerful.

I actually wanted to include the ‘tee-off’ banner above, instead of just the screen shot.

Maybe I’m just being slow, but I couldn’t find an easy way to do that.

Allowing people to embed the tee-off banner on their own site, or even on their Facebook profile, would amplify the reach of the campaign with no additional media cost, and even better, stimulate audience conversations.

Interactive, social media, and peer endorsement all in one; a client’s dream!

Moreover, when you ‘tee off’ in the current campaign, you visit a series of new EA pages where you play your subsequent strokes.

This was perhaps another missed opportunity; if the subsequent banners were to appear on other, non-EA sites, the brand could establish some interesting partnerships (Poke’s Balloonacy campaign for Orange demonstrated the power of this approach).

It’s already a great campaign, but I’d love to see some of these developments expand the audience engagement.

Thanks again to @eunmac


4 Responses to “tee total”

  1. 1 Lars M. B. Anthoisen August 3, 2009 at 10:04

    Hi Simon

    Totally agree – saw this add last week over at Adverblog and thought it was OK, but missed something – for me it’s just rich media banner with interaction..

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice piece of work, but you still want people to click-through to the website…

    So along your thoughts it would definitely create a much better experience and reach of the campaign if you implemented a viral “Add to” functionality. I know Eyeblaster has an option in their Rich Media Module to create a “Widget ad” that allows users to add the Widget ad to their social networking and community sites (http://creativezone.eyeblaster.com/#ItemName=Hahn%20Widget)

    For downloading and implementing flash banners on your site, let’s chat 🙂

    • 2 Chris August 4, 2009 at 06:59

      Hey guys – thanks for the comments!

      To address a few of them – totally agree with you on the “linking to real sites” notion. That was originally in the concept, but as we all know, time and budget constraints don’t always allow for us to make everything happen – this time, anyway. The positive side of this in this case is we had a lot more control over the content of the “fake” sites. The real Weather Channel would have asked for a great deal of money to let us take over their home page that way.

      That’s a good call on adding a “Share” link on the actual banner. Once you are in the experience we do have a “Share” option from every page, which in turn leads to the non-paid media launch pad of the experience: http://www.tigerspar5.com/

      I don’t understand this comment: “Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice piece of work, but you still want people to click-through to the website…”. We ultimately do get people to the web site, but hopefully in a fun and engaging way, as they experience the “spoof” sites and learn about the new features of the game.

      Anyway, thanks for posting on the work!


      • 3 eskimon August 4, 2009 at 09:40

        Hi Chris,

        Thanks for giving us the inside story! I think Lars’s point on clickthrough to the site related to the fact that it’s still important to drive people to the actual site eventually… He was probably contrasting my point about placement on third-party sites.

        Further to your sharing comments, why are ’embed’ codes so rare in this kind of campaign? This sort of banner is designed to engage people, so it seems an easy bonus to allow people to include the tee-offs on their own sites. As for measurement, I’m sure you could track arrivals on the second stroke banner, rather than relying just on clicks on the tee-off.

        Chris, if you get a chance, give me a shout on twitter (@eskimon)

  2. 4 eskimon August 3, 2009 at 10:31

    Quite right Lars – a really simple improvement would be a basic embed link, like the ones on youtube and vimeo clips. The aim is to make sharing as easy as possible; chances are, most of the audience aren’t techies.

    As for click through to the website, it’s easy enough to include an element of this – the trick is to get people really engaged before trying to ‘sell’ to them.

    So… Looking forward to seeing these developments in the next campaign! 😉

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