same difference

same difference

Most of us adapt our behaviour to different circumstances.

We interact with close friends and strangers in different ways.

We even behave differently with the same person at different times.

So why do so many marketers try to treat the whole world in the same way?

Everybody’s different.

Pretending your audiences are all the same is only going to upset people.

If you want to connect with someone, spend time understanding them as an individual.

Only then can you identify the best ways to interact with them.


1 Response to “same difference”

  1. 1 teapot July 22, 2009 at 01:43

    I half agree with the observation above based on these reasons:

    I honestly don’t believe marketers treat the whole world as one,or the same way. Marketers have come along way to realize that because everyone is so different, they need to identify the clusters of audiences favoring the majority.
    We humans admittingly are very complex, they way we are built is the product of all our experiences, and to some extent are living the consequences of each own decision in life. To be able to identify every single individual is just plain impossible.
    Our behaviors are not often adapted to circumstances, rather a result of an experience.
    Simple example,one is likely to react more positively from a good experience rather than a negative one.

    Another note is such we are programmed differently by culture, up-bringing, religion/beliefs, and personal tragedy and successes which shape our thought processes.
    Reminds me of a rather heated debate I had with a friend. It was over the latest news in Australia regarding a 14yo girl who committed suicide because she was cyber-bullied by her peers in school, and her mother blamed her death on the internet labelling it as ‘evil’.
    My friend had the utmost sympathy and sadness for this case, whereas I reacted harshly.
    To me, I have no remourse for people who are spiritually and mentally weak to choose to end their lives just because they cannot see pass a hurdle in their lives. Cruel, I know. But hear me out-my thought process is moulded by the fact that my mother battled cancer for 5 years before her body gave up on her.
    My mother valued her life, but in the end had to give in to her illness. This 14yo instead, never valued hers.
    If I had not gone through the experience of losing someone dear to me, and understanding the value of one’s life, I would not be thinking this way.

    Also how dare the mother blame the internet? I have friends diagnosed with incurable diseases and rely on the internet for information, for latest research to provide hope that one day they can live a ripe old age, fulfilled.
    If the 14yo was getting cyber-bullied, the easiest thing in her control was to log out from whatever chat/social/instant msgr site it was, instead of subjecting herself to unnecessary torture.

    See how different lessons in life shape one’s perspective?

    It would be close to impossible for marketers to really understand each individual, else they really wouldn’t shut up!
    The closest to achieving relevant messaging is to identify clusters and speak in a language that can be intepreted in a way it tailors to one own’s experience.

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