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economist thinking space spotify profile

Those wonderful people over at The Economist have released a new project called Thinking Place.

It’s amazing.

The first thing I noticed was the site itself: it has a beautiful interface, and is a great thing to explore.

But as you explore, you discover that the content is fascinating too (cue comparison with reading The Economist).

The site is like a cross between a blog, a Facebook page, and a Linkedin profile for Economist readers, all hosted by the newspaper itself.

There are fascinating insights into the working spaces of great creative minds, including:

Daniel Ek, co-founder of music sight Spotify;
Elisabeth Chavelet, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Paris Match magazine;
Andrea Llosa, fashion designer.

Each of these ‘profiles’ is based on a photograph of the person’s ‘thinking space’, and contains links to detailed stories behind some of the more important items within that space:

economist thinking space table

Inevitably, one of these ‘important’ items is always a copy of The Economist, but that inclusion is always relevant: each person explains how The Economist helps fuel their creative process.

As Andrea comments,

“I’m always surprised to find articles on movies, books and
arts towards the back of the magazine. It gives me fresh ideas
on alternative media to get the information that I am
interested on.”

economist thinking space magazine ref

Another exciting feature is the option to upload your own thinking space profile – I’m really looking forward to seeing what people submit.

This social element is very clever: it allows readers to benefit from an affiliation with the Economist brand, deepening their relationship with its proposition, but it also allows the Economist to better understand its most engaged audience.

Perhaps more importantly, though, the site gives non-readers a reason to try the brand for the first time; I found the site’s focus on great creative thinkers particularly interesting.

Thinking Place is a great example of strategic communications: it conveys a strong brand personality, and establishes a clear linkage between the Economist brand and ‘inspiration‘.

I’m inspired.

Go explore for yourself.

*UPDATE: Thinking Spaces was created by AMV BBDO in Europe – the agency responsible for the Economist’s classic White out of Red campaign (more on that in this post). In the agency’s own words,

“The campaign message is ‘The Economist is read by, and inspires, interesting people’ and, therefore, has universal appeal. For its readers, The Economist satisfies their appetite for intelligent, independent, global analysis in a world of ever-more commoditised news.”

Thanks again to oneplusinfinity (another great place for creative inspiration!)

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