unexpected benefits

hyatt random surprises

We saw a couple of weeks ago that satisfaction is a function of expectations.

As we interact more frequently with a brand, we come to expect certain things of it, and over time, we can start to take some aspects of the experience for granted.

These aspects become part of the brand’s promise, and not receiving them negatively impacts our level of satisfaction.

However, this premise works the other way too; if you only expect average service, and instead experience a more pleasurable interaction, you’ll probably come away feeling more satisfied.

We tend to tell others about these experiences too, and this ‘word of mouth’ effect amplifies the impact.

If managed correctly, brands can harness the delivery of these unexpected ‘nice surprises’ to foster deeper consumer loyalty.

Hotel brand Hyatt appears to be applying this potential in a new initiative called ‘Random Surprises’, which featured in Springwise recently.

By providing unexpected, yet individually meaningful surprises, Hyatt give themselves more opportunities to delight the people that interact with their brand on a regular basis.

In other words, Hyatt have created more opportunities to satisfy their most valuable guests.

Such an approach can work for any brand, and it doesn’t need to involve costly extras either.

The trick is to incorporate the potential for nice surprises, while ensuring that the specific benefits they deliver don’t become an expected part of the brand experience.

Moreover, for those who are willing to venture beyond the conventional, the approach can work equally well for advertising too.

By incorporating subtle differences in execution across the same campaign (or even the same channel), you can ‘surprise’ your audience and increase your opportunities to engage them.

Picture from here; more on the Hyatt’s Random Surprises in this Springwise article, and on the brand’s blog


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