gradual graduation

Seth Godin has some great advice for graduates trying to find a job in these tough times.

His recommendation is to use your unemployed time productively; that seems obvious, but it’s how you make it productive that matters.

Earning money is not the only way you can be productive, especially in the current short-term.

While working for free may not seem the most appealing option right now (especially with all that student debt), it’s a great opportunity to discover if you’re on the best track for you.

Use your unemployed time to try out different kinds of role (creative, planner, etc.) in unpaid internships, or by working  for non-profit organisations.

Your goal in doing this, as this piece from littlemiss expresses so well, is to:

find love, find happiness

And remember that success is not always a competition; you may find that collaborating with people in a similar situation offers brighter opportunities.

A good example of this is agencynil, which seems to be built on the same philosophy as this inspiring thought shared by swissmiss:

tie shoes, pack lunch

I sincerely wish you all the very best of luck.


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