differentiating perfection

differentiating heaven

What makes one promise of paradise more compelling than another?

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2 Responses to “differentiating perfection”

  1. 1 ptiongson May 26, 2009 at 14:47

    … this assumes that there is such a physical or even pseudo-physical entity-thing called “heaven”, that it can be measured, characterized, described, and compared (if that there are multiple versions of it).

    this reminds me of a statement that goes something like “My god is better than your god”. As if “my god” and “your god” can be ensnared by words and human concepts.


  2. 2 eskimon May 26, 2009 at 15:17

    Yes, agree. The irony is that ‘paradise’ – our individual concept of the perfect eternal life – is a subjective absolute.

    In simpler terms, that means:

    1) everyone’s concept of paradise is different; and
    2) perfection cannot be equaled or superseded; if something new comes along which appears to improve upon our concept of perfection, we automatically include it into our perception of perfection.

    So there is no such thing as ‘alternative perfection’. Paradise is in the heart and mind of the beholder. When it comes to heaven, none of us is right or wrong; there are simply different preferences.

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