dissolving solutions


People don’t buy technology.

They buy things that improve their lives.

The iPod isn’t successful because of its technology (arguably, there are many technologically superior media players).

It’s successful because it improves people’s media experience through a mix of technology, design, ease of use, and various other factors.

Technology is only ever a means to an end.

Sell the end, not the means.

iPod image from here.

1 Response to “dissolving solutions”

  1. 1 pvtiongson May 19, 2009 at 19:43

    agree! people buy ‘solutions’, ‘experiences’, a dream, hope, an emotional high…

    which then leads us to the question: so what’s advertising and marketing for? are we in the business of moving products off the shelves? or are we in the business of making people’s lives better?

    if it’s the second, what of profits and shareholder value?


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