around the campfire

Seth Godin has a golden skill: he makes things easy to understand and engagingly compelling.

He talks a lot about telling stories and connecting people.

These aren’t revolutionary ideas, but Seth puts all the pieces together and delivers a clear picture.

Take this recent TED talk:

One of Seth’s fundamental premises is that the core marketing offering  – the product, the service, the charity – is just one of the factors that influence our choice.

The story and the experience that surround that core offering are arguably more important.

Telling a story that goes beyond the functionality of what you’re marketing gives people something to latch onto.

Even highly functional products have a process; a usage ‘ritual’ that people relate to.

It’s this story that makes the difference.

It gives people a way to choose between things that are otherwise very similar.

Making it easy for them to share that story and tell it their own way makes it even more engaging.

So don’t sell me a product.

Tell me a story.


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