the spirit of collaboration

I stumbled on this interesting and unusual film for Nike at notcot:

In the words of the the film’s director (quoted on highsnobiety):

Rather than a marketing project initiated by Nike, the film was something proposed and produced by myself, and as such I hope represents a much more equal collaboration with a brand.

A much more equal collaboration” really struck me.

Indeed, there’s no obvious Nike branding in the film other than the opening ‘Nike presents’; I didn’t notice a single swoosh in the entire clip.

But this absence of overt branding actually makes the activity more powerful.

I know that Nike are involved from the start, but they don’t interfere with the experience.

This approach seems to imply that Nike like to associate with, and support, people who like the same stuff as they do.

And, as a consumer, I like that.

It makes me feel like we’re all more equal.

This example demonstrates that relaxing some control and allowing your audience to communicate on your behalf can actually lead to some engaging and original results.

So if they’re going to do it anyway, why not encourage them?

First seen at notcot, who found it on highsnobiety, who seem to have found it here [phew!]


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