in tune with opinion


We Are Hunted is a great resource for finding new music, based on what people are listening to and talking about across the web.

In their own words:

We Are Hunted… tracks sentiment, expression and advocacy.

Visually driven, intuitive and simple, We Are Hunted seeks to be a daily destination for music lovers looking for their next favourite artist track or song.

Through We Are Hunted, music fans can discover new music and more importantly, join the conversation about it.

The tracks cover a broad spectrum of genres, and you can listen to full length versions of the songs directly on the site.

There’s also a good balance between lesser-known acts and household names.

This concept could work equally well for fashion: the brands and items that are ‘hottest’ across the web.

Via Mashable | Image is a screenshot from We Are Hunted homepage.


2 Responses to “in tune with opinion”

  1. 1 Aslinah April 17, 2009 at 11:38

    it’s not a Free download site, right?

    • 2 eskimon April 17, 2009 at 12:13

      No, it’s not a free download site, but you can listen to the tunes as often as you like on the site.

      And if you like them enough to listen to them on your iPod then you can buy them there too.

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