mixed messages


KFC are proposing a deal where they fill in some of the US’s millions of road potholes, in return for the right to paint “re-freshed by KFC” over the top.

A simple way to ‘get the brand out there’, but I wonder what benefit that will deliver to KFC.

If they’d been promoting a new line of snacks that ‘filled a gap’ though… Now, that would have made sense.

Another case of the right answer to the wrong question: just because it’s a good idea, it doesn’t mean it’s the right idea.

Seen at psfk | image from Chicago Tribune


1 Response to “mixed messages”

  1. 1 petesanderson March 31, 2009 at 13:29

    It might work. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been standing in the middle of the road having a look at some recently repaired potholes and thought ‘Gosh, I’m hungry’.

    That’s a shoddy repair job above too. Gonna rip right back up so it is.

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