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seeing through a dog

kngf guide dogs poster

[image from]

the image says it all really.

this poster does the job of raising awareness but also of demonstrating a personality for the brand.


slim not shady

smart slim poster

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a perfect example of where the message inspires the medium, from smart in switzerland.

it might not be big, but it’s definitely clever.


bright ideas

shady posters

[image from]

some more creative media, this time from ogilvy in china for pond’s.

the inspiration is a simple but perceptive piece of observation: as the copy notes, women in china value a fair complexion, and often shade themselves from the sun to prevent their skin darkening.


healthy ideas

breast cancer awareness campaign

[image from]

this ingenious piece of creative media is part of the academy of medicine of malaysia’s drive to promote breast cancer awareness.

the double cd inlay dramatically illustrates the consequences of failing to catch the signs of the disease in time.

the empty holder simply has the message “detect breast cancer before it strikes.”

the holder with the breast-like cd guide carries the message, “to find out how, insert and play.”

from | spotted at notcot

green toes

krispy kreme grass flip flops

[image from thelondonpaper]

this quirky promotional give-away from krispy kreme doughnuts in the uk builds the brand’s irreverent personality.

the intention is to allow “stressed out commuters [to] relax in their own mini-park.”

as the agency behind the idea notes, it’s just “a bit of fun”, but the footwear certainly attracts attention, as the accompanying media coverage testifies.

read more here | from notcot

powerful stuff

motorola solar-powered charging booths

[image from trendwatching]

There’s a lot of inspiring stuff on trendwatching. This month’s briefing profiles solar-powered cellphone charging kiosks from motorola in uganda.

As well as meeting a real market need – cellphones aren’t much use without power – these kiosks perform a variety of marketing functions.

On a simple level, they’re great for driving brand awareness. Even better, they take sales opportunities to potential buyers.

But Motorola score the big points for their CSR efforts.

Firstly, the kiosks are solar powered. Brilliant.

Secondly, they’re run by local women with an ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ – as motorola put it, they’re

Giving women the opportunity to run their own business, learn valuable entrepreneurial skills, and generate a positive income.

A great balance of give and receive. Activity that not only meets basic marketing needs, but gives people a reason to like the brand beyond its products. and to talk about them too.

Read more at or their sister site


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