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quarter pounder

[screenshot from quarter-pounder]

notcot reckons these new burger outlets in tokyo’s omotesando and shibuya east districts are by mcdonald’s.

a very different approach to the chain’s traditional family focus, these restaurants are clearly targeting tokyo’s coolest.

the only thing on the menu is the quarter-pounder.

there doesn’t seem to be any mention of mcdonald’s on the website though, which makes this all the more intriguing.

if it really is mcdonald’s, it’s a very interesting piece of portfolio planning that takes the brand far away from ronald and the golden arches.

find out more here | from notcot

slim not shady

smart slim poster

[image from]

a perfect example of where the message inspires the medium, from smart in switzerland.

it might not be big, but it’s definitely clever.



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