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animal instinct


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giving people a reason to interact with communications makes them much more effective.

it’s a really simple idea, but as you can see in this gallery, it generated a lot of interest amongst passers by.

this is a good example of a communications proposition: communications that offer people something in return for simply paying attention to the advert.

more info here

seeing through a dog

kngf guide dogs poster

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the image says it all really.

this poster does the job of raising awareness but also of demonstrating a personality for the brand.


slim not shady

smart slim poster

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a perfect example of where the message inspires the medium, from smart in switzerland.

it might not be big, but it’s definitely clever.


bright ideas

shady posters

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some more creative media, this time from ogilvy in china for pond’s.

the inspiration is a simple but perceptive piece of observation: as the copy notes, women in china value a fair complexion, and often shade themselves from the sun to prevent their skin darkening.


a time and a place

if you haven’t read seth’sare they ready to listen?’ post, read it soon.

as always, seth sums things up beautifully.

there’s little point trying to talk to people unless what you’ve got to say is relevant to them, there and then.

it’s time for a new approach.


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